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Our Community, Our Commitment Patient Education Toolkit

I developed this series of four patient brochures and four accompanying clinician guides for a CME company. The project's aim was to improve patient-provider communication and increase awareness of hepatitis B prevention and treatment among Asian-Americans. The toolkit has been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese and is endorsed by the Chinese American Medical Society, the Korean Medical Society, and the Vietnamese American Medical Society.
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The Invisible Epidemic: Women with HIV in the US

Hearing the diagnosis of HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is difficult. It’s easy to feel alone and cut off from friends and family. Women especially may feel this way, because often they didn’t know that they were at risk. And they didn’t think women got HIV... This toolkit consists of 5 patient brochures and 5 clinician guides designed to improve provider-patient communication and increase awareness of the epidemic of HIV in women, especially women of color.
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