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Report from the Field: Tips for Integrating Patient Education Materials into an Electronic Health Record

The purpose of giving patients visit summaries and patient education resources is to empower individuals to become full partners in their own care. Here's how some hospitals and health systems are achieving that Meaningful Use objective.
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Creating Successful Patient Engagement within Your ACO

Most of the decisions affecting patient health don’t take place in hospitals, the doctors’ offices, or urgent care clinics. They take place within patients’ lives—in their homes, workplaces, and schools; when they’re at the grocery store, the gym, or out at a restaurant. If the goal of accountable care organizations is to improve health outcomes, then providers need to work with patients and help them become active participants in their own health care. And that takes patient engagement.
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Meaningful Use Requirements for Patient Education

Patient education and engagement are important requirements for that Holy Grail of health IT: meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs).
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